Calle Principal No.1, Villa Central, Barahona
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Social Responsability

Contributions to the community

The purpose of CAC is to promote the sustainable, technological, and environmental development of the South region, specifically the provinces of Independencia, Barahona and Bahoruco, as well as in the environment where it carries out its operations. That is why it works jointly with non-profit organizations, government entities, municipalities, community, and religious associations to improve the quality of life and promote the development of the towns near the company.

To achieve this, CAC carries out days of vaccination, sampling, and dental operations; initiatives that are aimed at the inhabitants of the bateyes and communities surrounding the factory.

In the same way, it works hand in hand with the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources to comply with all the requirements of the environmental law. Among the actions carried out in this area are the implementation of necessary measures to prevent spillage of wastewater into the sea, the management of cane waste that is spread along the road, improving transportation, the installation of filters in the chimneys, as well as exhaust steam valves silencer that help air quality and noise reduction.

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