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Consorcio Azucarero Central (CAC) is a Company dedicated to the cultivation and production of sugar cane, the largest industry in the south region, including three provinces from the region: Barahona, Bahoruco and Independencia.

The company aims to contribute to the socioeconomic development of the region, in a responsible and sustainable manner, producing sugar with high quality standards.

The Ingenio Barahona is recognized as the most efficient sugar cane production per hectare in the Dominican Republic. Currently it has 8,800 hectares of cultivation of which the company works 8,400 and uses 400 as seedbeds. Around 650,000 tons of sugarcane are produced on these lands.

CAC’s greatest asset is its human capital. It is the largest employer in the southern region of Dominican Republic, with a workforce of 3,800 direct employees. Their employees receive all the benefits that are included in the Labor code of the Dominican Republic. They not only have benefits to their health, education and well-being, but also to their professional and technical training, scholarships and literacy programs.

CAC has been awarded in various occasions by national and international entities. The Dominican Association of Exporters (ADOEXPO) recognized it as the sugar company of the year. The International Labor Organization recognized CAC’s social work, as the first company in the southern region to eradicate child labor. Likewise, it was also recognized for its good practice in managing labor migration.

Additionally, the Dirección de Migración (Migration Directorate) valued the company as the first in the industry in compliance with the General Migration Law and its regulations, regarding the migratory regularization of all its Haitian employees who work in cane cutting.

Through its social branch, la Fundación Central Barahona, we work together with non-profit organizations, government entities, municipalities, community, and religious associations to improve the quality of life and promote the development of the towns near the company.

In the same way, we are allies of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources to fulfill all the requirements of the environmental law.

At the Consorcio Azucarero Central (CAC) we are committed to our people, our communities, and our values.

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