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Environmental Management

Certifications and Awards

CAC is a company that has been awarded in various occasions by national and international entities. The Dominican Association of Exporters (ADOEXPO) recognized it as the sugar company of the year.

In the same way, the International Labor Organization (OIT) recognized CAC’s social work, as the first company in the southern region to eradicate child labor. This same entity recognized CAC as the only company in the Dominican Republic that has incorporated the methodology of the OIT for the capacitation of its workers in health and safety in the workplace. Likewise, it was also recognized for its good practice in managing labor migration.

The Dirección de Migración (Migration Directorate) valued the company as the first in the industry in compliance with the General Migration Law and its regulations, regarding the migratory regularization of all its Haitian employees who work in cane cutting.

The Diáspora Haitiana (Haitian Diaspora), organization that englobes entities that vow for the rights of the Haitian immigrants in the country, awarded CAC with a prize for being one of the most outstanding companies in support for inmigrants.

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