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Environmental Management

Environmental Policy

Sustainable Development Policy

The Consorcio Azucarero Central CAC recognizes environmental responsibility as a strategic management model, which has led to the search for Eco-efficiency using friendly production mechanisms in all its processes for the benefit of the environment, the health of employees and communities. This is how the Sustainable Development policy becomes a tool that articulates actions aimed at the preservation, conservation, sustainability of natural resources and ecosystems, within the framework of public policies and current legislation to guarantee the achievement of CAC’s vision


Environmental Subsystems

In accordance with the schemes of identification of environmental aspects generated by the activities of the different processes in the company, 10 environmental subsystems are constituted which are the starting point of the sustainable programs and projects that guarantee the accomplishment of national environmental regulations and other regulations including international environmental regulations.

These subsystems are: Water, Air, Soil, Landscape, Flora, Fauna, Community Relations, Labor Safety, Services and Employment.

As part of our new productive strategy, we guarantee the strict compliance with the Sustainability and Environmental Sustainability parameters, recognizing that they will necessarily contribute to the mitigation of the impacts in all the C.A.C. and not only responds to the imperative need to preserve the natural environment under the sustainable development approach, but also promotes the preservation and increase of competitiveness and productivity levels to meet the demands of our customers.

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